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Company Profile

PT. Justus Kimiaraya, a domestic investment company, was established in 1977 as a chemical trading company. We are now one of the leading chemical trading companies in both fields of general chemicals and specialty chemicals. We mainly serve the following industries:

1.      Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics

2.      Paint and Ink

3.      General Chemical

Strong marketing network and extensive supply chain capabilities have enable PT Justus Kimiaraya to serve customers to all area in Indonesia. We have branch offices and warehouses in 5 major cities in Indonesia.

Additionally, the group owns a manufacturing facility in Jakarta producing:

1.      Unsaturated Polyester Resin Yukalac®

2.      Metallic Soap/Drier Yukalic®

3.      Polymer Emulsion Yukashu®

4.      Maleic Anhydride

5.      Fumaric Acid

With long operational track records of more than 30 years, PT Justus Kimiaraya is one of the most reliable chemical distributors in Indonesia.