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YUKALIC Metallic Soaps/ Drier

YUKALIC Metallic Soaps/ Drier

Metallic soaps (also known as Driers) are a group of water-insoluble compounds, containing alkaline earth or heavy metal combined with monobasic carboxylic acids.

The properties differ from ordinary soap by composition and insolubility in water. Their solubility or solvation in various organic solvents accounts for their many uses, such as driers, catalysts, stabilizer for plastics, fungicides, and fuel additives.

Driers are the most common group of metallic soaps.

They promote or accelerate drying, curing or hardening of oxidizable coating vehicles,for example: unsaturated oil (such as linseed oil) or unsaturated synthetic resin (such as alkyd resin). They are used in coatings composition utilized in a wide variety of specific industrial uses like paint, varnish, ink, etc.

Various applications of YUKALIC® Metallic soaps/Driers cover:

  • Paint and Varnish Drier
  • Printing Ink Drier
  • Unsaturated Polyester Catalyst and/or inhibitor
  • Combustion Catalyst/Fuel Additive
  • Anti-Corrossion Additive
  • Liquid PVC/Plastic Heat Stabilizer
  • Rubber to Steel Adhesion Promoter - tyre industry
  • Lubricant Additive
  • High Solid Coating Drier
  • Urethane Catalyst
  • Loss of Dry Inhibitor
  • Wood Preservative

YUKALIC Metallic soap/drierOur YUKALIC® Metallic soaps/Driers of octoates and naphthenates are well known both in the domestic and international markets.

Several excellent properties of our YUKALIC® Metallic soaps/Driers are:

  • Perfect solubility in all solvents or solvents mixtures used in the varnish resin.
  • Excellent compatibility with oleo resinous vehicles.
  • Long storage stability without sedimentation, colour changes or oxidation.
  • Low viscosity.
  • High metal content.
  • Excellent Clarity.

ISO 9001 Certificate RDE