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Paint & Ink

Paint & Ink

PT Justus Kimiaraya has been supplying chemical materials for the paint and ink industry in Indonesia for more than 30 years. From years of experience, we are well known for providing the best quality products at a  competitive price. Our extensive laboratory with the team of scientists and engineers also enable us to guarantee the consistency of our products.

PT Justus Sakti Raya produced YUKASHU® Polymer Emulsion that are used extensively in the paint and ink industry. Additionally, PT Justus Sakti Raya is the only manufacture of paint drier in Indonesia, with the trade name of YUKALIC® Metallic soaps/Driers.

Epoxy Hardener (Versamid)   More | Hide
Versamid 115
Versamid 125
Versamid 140
Nonionic Surfactant (NPE)   More | Hide
Pannox 110 (NP10)
Pannox 130 (NP30)
Pannox 14 (NP4)
Pannox 140 (NP40)
Para Toluene Sulphonic Acid (PTSA)   More | Hide
PTSA Grade-A
PTSA Grade-B
PTSA Grade-C
PTSA Grade-D
Paraffin Wax Fully Refined (FR)   More | Hide
P Wax FR Dalian
P Wax FR Fushun
P Wax FR Maoming
Paraffin Wax Semi Refined (SR)   More | Hide
P Wax SR Dalian
P Wax SR Daqing
P Wax SR Fushun
P Wax SR Iran
P Wax SR Maoming
Pigment TP   More | Hide
1104 Fast Yellow 10G (PY 3)
1125 Fast Yellow G (PY 1)
1201 Benzidine Yellow G (PY 12)
129 Iron Oxide Red (PR 101)
130 Iron Oxide Red (PR 101)
1633 Light Chrome Yellow (PY 34)
1646 Medium Chrome Yellow (PY 34)
1659 Deep Chrome Yellow (PY 34)
1763 Zinc Chrome Yellow (PY 36)
190 Iron Oxide Red (PR 101)
3114 Fast Red 2B (PR 48:4)
3118 Fast Red 2R (PR 21)
313 Iron Oxide Yellow (PY 42)
3138 Toluidine Fast Red RN (PR 3)
3146 Lithol Red 2R (PR 49:1)
3668 Molybdate Red (PR 104)
4403 Phthalocyanine Blue BGS (PB 15:3)
4414 Phthalocyanine Blue BGR (PB 15:3)
4421 Phthalocyanine Blue (PB 15)
462 Ultramarine Blue (PB 29)
4730S Milori Blue (PB 27)
5319 Fast Green Lake (PG 4)
5406 Phthalocyanine Green (PG 7)
5605 Iron Oxide Green (PY 42/PB 15:3)
Silicone Additive for Paint   More | Hide
Silicone KF 69 (Leveling Agent)
Silicone KP 301 (Mar & Slip)
Silicone KP 310 (Hammer Finished)
Silicone KP 330 (Defoamer)
Silicone KP 356 (Anti Blocking)
Silicone KP 365 (Anti Blocking)
Silicone Oil/Fluid Shin-Etsu   More | Hide
Silicone KF-96 100 cs
Silicone KF-96 1000 cs
Silicone KF-96 10000 cs
Silicone KF-96 12500 cs
Silicone KF-96 20 cs
Silicone KF-96 200 cs
Silicone KF-96 350 cs
Silicone KF-96 500 cs
Titanium Dioxide   More | Hide
Titanium Dioxide BA01-01 Anatase
Titanium Dioxide JR-600 Rutile
Titanium Dioxide JR-701 Rutile
Titanium Dioxide KA-100 Anatase
Titanium Dioxide R-996 Rutile