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Maleic Anhydride (MA)

Maleic Anhydride (MA)

Maleic Anhydride is a chemical intermediate, manufactured from benzene oxidation using a special catalyst. The process technology is licensed by Polynt SpA (Italy) with the total production capacity of 14.000 tons/year.

Maleic Anhydride is a versatile chemical with present and potential uses in practically every field of industrial chemical. The versatility of Maleic Anhydride derives from its chemical structure, a dicarboxylic acid group and a reactive double bond in the alpha and beta positions. Because of this structure and its reactivity, maleic anhydride derivatives will become multifaceted resin forms and organic reactants to a variety of chemical products / reactions.

The main applications of Maleic Anhydride are:

  • Production of Unsaturated Polyester Resins
  • Production of Rosin adduct
  • Production of Alkyd Resin
  • Production of Fumaric acid
  • Production of Lubricant oil

The products are manufactured in accordance to ISO 9001:2015.

Our product is available in two forms: molten & briquettes.

*The advantage of briquettes forms compared to flakes is less moisture absorbed due to minimum exposed surfaces.