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General Chemical

General Chemical

PT Justus Kimiaraya provides chemical materials for various industries, from small home industries to large scale industries.

We have been serving many industry segments for more than 30 years, from polymers, resins, textile auxiliaries, chemical processing, agriculture, oil refining, to detergents, toiletries, ceramics, waste water treatment, etc.

Although this site has listed our product range, please don't hesitate to contact us directly by telephone, e-mail or fax for additional informations.

Castor Oil   More | Hide
12-Hydroxy Stearic Acid (12-HSA)
Castor Oil No.1
Dehydrated Castor Oil Fatty Acid (DCO-FA)
HCO 3299 Thixotropic
Nonionic Surfactant (NPE)   More | Hide
Pannox 110 (NP10)
Pannox 130 (NP30)
Pannox 14 (NP4)
Pannox 140 (NP40)
Paraffin Wax Fully Refined (FR)   More | Hide
P Wax FR Dalian
P Wax FR Fushun
P Wax FR Maoming
Paraffin Wax Semi Refined (SR)    More | Hide
P Wax SR Dalian
P Wax SR Daqing
P Wax SR Fushun
P Wax SR Iran
P Wax SR Maoming
Silicone Oil/Fluid Shin-Etsu   More | Hide
Silicone KF-412 (Release Agent)
Silicone KF-96 100 cs
Silicone KF-96 1000 cs
Silicone KF-96 10000 cs
Silicone KF-96 12500 cs
Silicone KF-96 20 cs
Silicone KF-96 200 cs
Silicone KF-96 350 cs
Silicone KF-96 500 cs
Titanium Dioxide   More | Hide
Titanium Dioxide BA01-01 Anatase
Titanium Dioxide JR-600 Rutile
Titanium Dioxide JR-701 Rutile
Titanium Dioxide KA-100 Anatase
Titanium Dioxide R-996 Rutile