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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

PT Justus Kimiaraya as the No.1 supplier of FRP (composite) products in Indonesia is determined to serve the FRP (composite) industry extensively. We provide high quality products with competitive price.

The FRP products we offer range from various types of glass (E-glass, S-glass, Carbon Fiber, etc.) to high performance products (Ripoxy® Vinyl Ester Resin, Lantor Coremat®, Honeycomb-PP, etc.)

Furthermore, we are also the sole distributor in Indonesia for various FRP (composite) products, namely:

1. TaiwanGlass® Glass Fiber

High quality glass fiber available in various different type, from direct roving to chopped strand mat. All TaiwanGlass® Glass Fiber products are LR Registered and BKI Certified.

2. Ripoxy®  Vinyl Ester Resin (Showa Highpolymer)

Ripoxy® is a thermoset resin, generally called vinyl ester resin, or epoxy-acrylate resin. When cured, Ripoxy® has excellent physical properties comparable to those of epoxy resin, but unlike epoxy resins, it has easy workability like the unsaturated polyester resins. Ripoxy® Vinyl Ester Resin is DNV Certified for use in marine vessels.

3. Lantor Coremat® & Soric®

Coremat® is a polyester nonwoven that contains microspheres and is used as a thin core (bulker mat) or print blocker (liner) in fibre reinforced laminates, manufactured in Hand Lay-Up, Spray-Up or Vacuum Infusion (Soric® only). Lantor Coremat® and Soric® are LR Registered.

Most of our products have been certified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR), Det Norske Veritas (DNV), and Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI).

LR Certificate TaiwanGlassBKI Certificate TaiwanGlassDNV Certificate RipoxyLR Coremat

Although this site has listed our product range, please don't hesitate to contact us direct by telephone, e-mail or fax for additional informations.

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Misc   More | Hide
Polyester Film
P Film Gloss Diafoil 75 (188 mc)
P Film Gloss Toray 100
P Film Gloss Toray 125
P Film Gloss Toray 188
P Film Gloss Toray 75
P Film Matte 377 (75 mc)
Pigments   More | Hide
Pearl Essence
P Essence BB500 (Semo)
P Essence BY500 (Semo)
P Essence PF35B (Iriton)
P Essence PF35G (Iriton)
P Essence PF35R (Iriton)
P Essence PF35Y (Iriton)
Pigment HCA
HCA Anchusa Blue EP BE 2814
HCA Black EP11919
HCA Bright Blue EPBI 1213
HCA Dolphin Green EP GK 7657
HCA Golden Brown EP BRI 1298
HCA Golden Brown EP BRI 6174
HCA Golden Yellow EP 2019
HCA Grey EP GRI 1324
HCA Jasmine Yellow EP YT 6082
HCA Orange Tangerin EP ORI 2105
HCA Pink EP ORI 1417
HCA Red Maroon EP RI 2465
HCA Signal Red EP RK 7158
HCA Trans Magenta EP RM 2423
HCA Ultra White EP 10419
HCA Yellow EP-YI-2104
Pigment LR
LR 11142 Blue Pole
LR 11180 Green
LR 14319 Violet
LR 3746 Dolphin Green
LR 3754 Golden Yellow
LR 3756 Signal Red
LR 3924 Aircraft Grey
LR 3950 Pirate Red
LR 3959 Bright Blue
LR 3975 Broken White
LR 4789 Super White
LR 4811 Jasmine
LR 5932 Blue
LR 5948 Green
LR 5978 Anchusa Blue
LR 5989 Black
LR 6372 Golden Brown
LR 8981 Off White
LR 9877 Tropic Green
LR Union Blue
Titanium Dioxide
Titanium Dioxide BA01-01 Anatase
Titanium Dioxide JR-600 Rutile
Titanium Dioxide JR-701 Rutile
Titanium Dioxide KA-100 Anatase
Titanium Dioxide R-996 Rutile
Reinforcements   More | Hide
Stitch Bonded Fiberglass E-Glass
SBB Biaxial 1200 gr/m2 (0/90)
SBB Biaxial 300 gr/m2 (0/90)
SBB Biaxial 400 gr/m2 (0/90)
SBB Biaxial 600 gr/m2 (0/90)
SBB Biaxial 815 gr/m2 (0/90)
SBCSM Chopped Strand Mat 300 gr/m2
SBCSM Chopped Strand Mat 450 gr/m2
SBCSM Chopped Strand Mat 600 gr/m2
SBCSM Chopped Strand Mat 900 gr/m2
SBDB Biaxial 1200 gr/m2 (+/- 45)
SBDB Biaxial 300 gr/m2 (+/- 45)
SBDB Biaxial 400 gr/m2 (+/- 45)
SBDB Biaxial 600 gr/m2 (+/- 45)
SBDB Biaxial 800 gr/m2 (+/- 45)
SBEM 1050 (Biaxial + CSM)
SBEM 1250 (Biaxial + CSM)
SBEM 900 (Biaxial + CSM)
SBQ Quadraxial (0/+45/90/-45)
SBTL Triaxial 1180 gr/m2 (0=680 +/- 45=250)
SBTL Triaxial 1850 gr/m2 (0=950 +/- 45=450)
SBTL Triaxial 600 gr/m2 (0=300 +/- 45=300)
SBTL Triaxial 750 gr/m2 (0=250 +/- 45=250)
SBUL Unidirectional 600 gr/m2 (0)
SBUL Unidirectional 900 gr/m2 (0)
SBUT Unidirectional 600 gr/m2 (90)
SBUT Unidirectional 900 gr/m2 (90)
Woven Roving (WR)
WR 200 gr/m2 E-Glass (China)
WR 400 gr/m2 E-Glass (China)
WR 600 gr/m2 E-Glass (China)
WR 600 gr/m2 E-Glass (TaiwanGlass)
WR 800 gr/m2 E-Glass (China)
WR 800 gr/m2 E-Glass (TaiwanGlass)